The IAPAM Learning Lab

Looking to Earn More and Work Less?

The IAPAM's Learning Lab is a one-stop learning destination where you can learn the latest aesthetic and medically-supervised weight loss programs anywhere, anytime!

Our goal at the IAPAM is to provide exceptional information to help you grow your skills and expand your opportunities. Our core programs revolve around cash-based procedures, like aesthetics and weight loss. They are designed with the basics and include helpful downloadable resources and procedural videos. Many coming from our live training programs we also offer. 

Jeff Russell, Executive-Director, IAPAM

Jeff Russell

Online Training Reviews:

A. Sanchez, MD

"What I liked most is the way you give the theory and then how it is put into practice. I have a better and deeper knowledge for practice. I greatly appreciate the training!"

R.A. Morse, DMD

"The anatomy videos were some of the best I've seen in the classes I've taken." 

G. J. Mesa, DNP, FNP-BC

"It was a very user-friendly program.  I had to start and stop many times over several days.  It always took me back to where I'd left off."

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